Thinking about starting an online shop?

It was the best decision I ever made.

I now make consistent income every month, work full-time from home, and feel more fulfilled than I ever did sitting in a cubicle. I want the same for you!

If you’re expecting to make millions overnight: this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Starting a successful online shop takes time and dedication. But I’m here to show you that it’s possible to work for yourself and build a business you love.

I’ve put everything you need to know to get started into this email course, so you can get it right from the beginning.

Skip the mistakes and ditch the uncertainty.

This course is essentially a value-packed e-book broken up into 10 emails (with actionable steps), so it’s easier to digest.

For just $12, you’ll get an email every day for the next 10 days, charting a clear path for you. The course covers:

  • How to figure out what to sell & where to sell it
  • Shipping & product packaging
  • Business licensing & finances
  • Writing product descriptions
  • Branding
  • Product photography

…and more!

Plus a bonus checklist so you can track your progress, and my ultimate product list (with 150+ product ideas).

Who is this course for?

  • Crafters who want to sell their creations online
  • Creatives who want to sell products with their designs (made by a manufacturer or third-party printer)
  • People who want to re-sell vintage, wholesale, or unique items

Basically, if you want to sell physical products online, then this course is for you.

Ready to make it happen?

Hey there, I’m Taylor!

I teach online shop owners & creative entrepreneurs how to grow and thrive.

A little bit about me: I own an independent online bookstore. I’m an unabashed bookworm and tech nerd who’s just as happy chatting about books as I am sharing my best social media & marketing tips with you.

You can read more here.